Baby Fatima:

Baby Fatima came to Afshar Hospital with a fever, an infection and no appetite. In addition, she was severely jaundice, a condition that doctors describe as a yellow discoloration of the body. At just 7 days old and severely dehydrated, a laboratory test revealed Fatima had anemia. Dr. Obaid immediately began a fluid resuscitation for re hydration. 


Dr. Obaid immediately treated Fatima with antibiotics and double phototherapy. Soon thereafter new tests revealed Fatima was getting better.  It was while Fatima’s parents were searching for medicine at a local medical store, in the mountainous area of Kabul where they live, that they were referred to Afshar Hospital by a business owner. Fatima’s parents expressed a deep gratitude towards Dr. Obaid and everyone at Afshar.

Fatima is able to grow up healthy thanks to the care she received at Afshar Hospital. After spending eight days sick at Afshar, Fatima is now able to share smiles and love with her mother.