Diabetes Awareness Campaign

Approximately 422 million people (or 1 person in every 11) in the world are living with diabetes. Middle and low income countries are particularly affected by this global epidemic.

A recent grant from the World Diabetes Foundation will fund a three-year public awareness campaign through AAHO’s Afshar Hospital in Afghanistan. The purpose of the grant funding is to increase diabetes awareness and health screenings throughout the country, so that early detection and intervention will prevent life complications and death.

Public media announcements and ads will run throughout Kabul to drive people to the health screenings. The health screenings include a series of questions for individuals to answer. The individual’s then move on to further evaluations, health education talks, nutritional information and how to prevent diabetes. If anyone shows signs of diabetes or serious health issues, he or she will be referred to Afshar Hospital. Those who are healthy will be given information about how to remain healthy and to prevent diabetes.

We are building healthy communities and that begins with getting everyone in the community involved. On May 1st, about 505 people from the community showed up for the first health screening in Kabul. Through word of mouth, many members of the community came to learn more about diabetes and preventive care.

The public awareness campaign in Kabul will launch about 20 miles away from Afshar Hospital and the health screenings will be performed by Afshar’s doctors and nurses. In addition to health screenings, Afshar Hospital will hold health education courses for staff, nearby doctors, nurses and midwives.