Afshar hospital



Afshar Hospital is a District hospital located in the Darulaman Afshar District.

HOURS: Sunday – Thursday 8 AM – 4 PM

Phone: +93 703250784

Afshar Hospital operates 5 community clinics in District 7 and 5 community clinics in District 13

Call Afshar Hospital for more information on the community clinics.

Our Work

Health Care – Through Afshar Hospital, women are provided a clean and safe hospital environment staffed with OB-GYN specialists as well as ultrasounds, pre/postnatal care, and pregnancy clinics. Afshar  also administers vaccinations, vitamins and micro-nutrient meal packs to help prevent unnecessary sickness and malnourished children. In 2016, 1,537 babies were delivered at Afshar Hospital.

Health Education – UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman says “Educating girls is pivotal to improving maternal and neonatal health and also benefits families and societies.”

Education for girls and women are the back bone of AAHO’s model of care. Girls and women that receive care and education through AAHO’s hospital, clinics, and health lessons, survive at a much higher rate than the rest of the population.

Opportunities – AAHO creates reliable income opportunities for all 155 Afghan employees, regardless of gender, tribe or religion, at Afshar Hospital and our ten clinics.

About AAHO / Afshar hospital

AAHO Builds Healthy Communities through its services at Afshar Hospital, ten community clinics, health education and public awareness.

AAHO changes lives by:

  • Improving the quality of life through our doctors, nurses, midwives and staff
  • Cultivating DignityEmpowerment and Opportunity for all Afghans
  • Providing quality health care and health education for all Afghans, regardless of their ability to pay


Our Mission: To improve the health status of the community we serve

Our Vision: Every community has access to quality, affordable health care and health education

Our Goal: To reach all communities with lifesaving and life enriching health care and health education

Our Core Values: 

  • We value respect, compassion and honesty in all interactions and activities.
    • We value cultivating empathy by actively listening and learning; appreciating the worth and diversity of each person.
    • We value empowering the people we serve and work with by providing new opportunities that nurture self-worth and lead toward self-sufficiency.
    • We value a culture of gratitude.
    • We value our staff and their diverse talents, backgrounds, passion and commitment to the community.

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